Touring Spain, 25 days, 2200km, aprox. 27.000m of climbing

August 29th, 2013 by Stefan

Firefly Boston

Spain┬ęstefan rohner

My beautiful Firefly (weight all inclusive, bike and bags 28kg) did a great job.

All trip pictures on Flickr: Touring Spain 2013


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  1. Edward van Herk Says:

    Hi Stefan,

    Congratulations on this impressive journey. I can only imagine, but it must be tough even for the trained rider, but tranquil and serene at the same time, like a meditation, passing towns, villages and people like in a dream. But a dream that became true for you…happiness:-)

    Kind regards,

  2. Stefan Says:

    Edward, thanks very much, hope your doing well! best Stefan

  3. Axel Says:

    Seems like a pretty nice trip !

    I rode half of the east coast last year, starting from Lyon (France).

    How did you find the roads?

    It was very difficult for me to find nice ones, it was either highways of small roads full of trucks avoiding the highways.

  4. Stefan Says:


    I travelled with Michelin maps, did roughly 70% on the “white” marked roads, 20% on the “yellow” marked ones and maybe 10% on the “red” ones, what are national roads. the best is not touch at all national roads, but sometimes you have to, to connect different small ruler roads. many of the yellow roads should be small ones, but thats not the case anymore in many cases, since they reformed the roads and now the are wide and ugly.

    so, just stick to the white ones ;) and you will be in paradise, very rural places.

    best Stefan

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