Firefly FF167

December 15th, 2012 by Stefan

┬ęstefan rohner

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  1. velomonkey Says:

    OMG, you HAVE to email on how this stacks up compared to your colnago. I have a colnago C59, had an EPQ for a while, but it was wrong size and am thinking of getting a firefly.

    Please, please let me know details.

  2. Stefan Says:

    first 4h today, best bike i have ridden! stiff, no flexy at all. even dynamic and direct behaving. no peng peng into handle bar and body, like you have with carbon, or hard aluminium in the 90ties. “eats” all bumbs of tarmac, soft smooth riding!!! great!

  3. jerome Says:

    A FireFly does not compare to a C59 ! 2 different Galaxies

    FireFly shines – C59 is a black hole a decaying star !

    Get a great Ti bike you will re-born, life is too short

  4. SammyWild Says:

    Stunning bike – inspired! may I ask you what saddle and bar tape in the photo?

    Kind regards,

  5. Stefan Says:

    thanks Sammy, saddle is a old Flite and bar rape is some shiny one from Pro, don’t remember wich one, changed to a Specialized “classic” tape. bike looks like this now:

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